Giving Back

Paying Smiles Forward

What’s in a smile?

The smile is the window to the soul; it puts us at ease when we see people smile. Freely offered, no means of expression has the ability to make a complete stranger feel better o more compelled to return the favor. Smiles know no language barriers, no demarcations of race, gender, or class. It’s the one thing that is truly universal among humans. In any social interaction, professional or personal, people will intuitively gravitate towards those of us who smile. – JONATHAN B. LEVINE DMD

How it works-

Students are nominated by teachers in the Benton & Washington county school districts. Each district will make a final selection of three students based on income/grades and overall good character. A total of six students per year will receive FREE orthodontic treatment from Pinnacle Orthodontics.

Pinnacle Orthodontics

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