The Myobrace appliance is a type of removable trainer that not only straightens teeth without the use of braces, but also treats the cause of crooked teeth – such as tongue thrusting and incorrect swallowing. It is common for a child to breathe through his/her mouth which causes the tongue to sit improperly (on the floor of the mouth). This affects not only how he/she swallows but also how the jaw develops. The way a child swallows determines if the teeth will be correctly aligned or crowded.

The Myobrace trainer works to place the tongue in the correct position (the roof of the mouth), correct the swallowing pattern and teach a child how to breathe through his/her nose. By putting gentle aligning forces on crooked teeth, it also straightens those teeth, widens the arch and trains the orafacial muscles to function properly.

Benefits of Myobrace include:

  • No need for Braces!
  • No extraction of permanent teeth
  • Better facial balance
  • Corrects bad habits while straightening teeth
  • Limited daily wear
  • Do not have to wear it to school
  • Soft material - more comfortable than braces
  • Treats total face
  • Easy to clean

Myobrace can treat a wide range of orthodontic issues and works best in children ages 6 to 10 years old. It is typically worn at least one hour during the daytime as well as overnight while the child sleeps. Depending on your child’s treatment plan, the doctor will give instructions on how long to wear the trainer each day and tongue, mouth and breathing exercises to assist in treatment.

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